The Word Within

The all encompassing

to sum it up in a line

which defines this

new found amazement

leaving old selves behind

now is the time to


A simple smile

on lips or in eyes

early on signified

then slowly

with the touch of a hand

or the opening of the mind

and a few kind words

with even the inflections

having their effects.

Sharing the hurts and hopes

and dreams it seems

that in the simple learning

from each other

to trust again

and to really feel

that this is becoming


Every wake hour

blissfully drifting

in and out of one another

whether together or apart

always wanting to be near

not for fear of losing

or wandering

but wondering

what might be missed.

A necessary direction

a glimpse of nirvana

a newfound gravity

a round which to


Not asking for change

or wanting or expecting

but connecting

and content

in the ways

the faces are presented.

A gleaming shimmer

reflecting back that of ourselves

which makes us happiest

unconditionally allowed to just be

and within this comfort ability

I find myself completely



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