The Garden

Meandering through the brambles

risking  the thorns in the thicket

the hornets and ticks

and taking a gamble

for a chance to pick

just one of your berries

Fiercely sweet

the juice from the meat

I succulently savor

in gulps not sips

the explosion of flavor

as it drips from my lips

and trickles down my chin

staining a smile on my face

and though it may be a sin

to be in this place

and this fruit forbidden

I won’t stop Eden

for I’m insatiable in your garden


2 responses to “The Garden

  1. Yeah! Like your words.

    • Thanks for reading and responding. Feel free to check back in from time to time. This is a brand new adventure for me. I’m sure it’s bound to improve as I work out the kinks.

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