Proven Together

Candle flicker licking your luster

and yet I can’t muster the language

to assuage the anguish

and  the longing I feel

for the absence

of your presence

though the expanse between us

is diminished with every word

passing our lips in tragic transit

over either net or cellular

research proving theories

beyond the scientific method

the elements involved

in our involvement

create a chemical reaction

an attraction of likes

with opposite polarities

these rarities found are bound

magnetically and phonetically

in the concept of entanglement

with the verbiage and its’ variety

increasing our satiety

and in this inadequate physicality

we will slowly grow to see

that we will inevitably

create a propinquity

by demolishing the distance

and revel in the visage

more realistic than this

pixelated image a nation

we presently live in



One response to “Proven Together

  1. Luv this one and I can relate<3

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