People Leave

A general statement

concerning communication situations

Laying blame

without evaluating ramifications

I find myself hating

the ways that I’m relating

to those I consider

most important to me

I can’t help but see

that the common denominator

in this social phenomenon or

interpersonal interaction

is always me

Why do I hide

when things get too hard

or too close

or simply that two are

becoming too much like one

in the big picture

Because it breaks down the structure

that so far

has weathered the storms

kept me in form

safe in the norm

Illusive as it may be

that we

is a fraction in attraction

that doesn’t add up

without an abacus

and yes it sucks

but it’s all about progress

not perfection

and the best intention

is never proven

until matched by action

so let me just say

I’m here.


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