Nothing but Words

Scintillating sentences

The syntax excites

The way that you word it

The verbiage entices


Touching me


You burn in me

You talk it

And walk it

You rock it

For real

You have a gift

Of making all the men feel

Yeah, she’s talking to me

And optimistically

I see, maybe,

Why not me

The way you’re preaching

And teaching

I just want to reach in

And pull you closely



Touching you with words

Rhyming my fingers

Through your hair

Laying down lines

Letting you know that I’m there

And going nowhere

As long as you let me

Allow my stanzas

To stroke your skin

My verbs

Like fingernails

Leaving trails

Digging in

From the nape of your neck

To the small of your back

A noun slowly tickles

Its’ way down your crack

And a long lashing

Adjective kiss

Works itself slyly

Between your lips

As slowly my conjunction

Performs its’ function

And it’s all been leading to this


2 responses to “Nothing but Words

  1. Well, Scott. Well, well, well.
    You entice, seduce, let loose.

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