Looking Forward

Looking forward

to waking early and rising slowly

just to watch you sleep

so as to keep these moments  secretly

stashed away for another day

when things are less serene

and yes, I realize it won’t always be

a peaches and cream dream

yet now, with every rise and fall of your chest

I realize how blessed I am to be a part of we

and I start to see that this is what it’s all about

and  that without you in my life

my lover, partner, cohabitator (wife?)

though never alone again

I would be missing this precious gift

this chance to lift another of like soul and mind

when life isn’t (and it won’t be) so kind

and tell you with absolute resolve

that, above all, we are in this together

and that whether or not

you want to carry your burden your self

it’s selfless time for us selfish by design

so against our nature we nurture each other

and as the days turn over into years

through all the laughter, indifference, and tears

we grow closer and our loads are lightened

the peaks are heightened

and the strings are tightened

till we’re finally playing in tune.


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