While searching and drifting

My perspective was shifting

Creating a rift in

The ways that I see me

Not admitting this freely

Cause I’d like the world to believe

I’ve had it all so together

There’s nothing left to retrieve

Yet I gather my thoughts

And collect my senses

And pile these things

On the other sides of the fences

Cause the grass is always greener

And there’s not enough space

Between the masks and my face

To produce a good scream in

This suffocation leaves me no choice

But to strip myself bare

Breathing freely I find my voice

Knowing now it was always there


4 responses to “Found

  1. It’s like being born again…welcome to the other side!

  2. Loved reading this, great perception!

  3. I luv this one it feel like something I’ve come to see about myself and you’ve written it brillantly

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