Earthbound and street found

around corners hustling

yet getting nowhere fast

flexing the feminine muscle

in the inner city bustle

of late night retail

at last

a car circles the block

and stops

an open door

means more of the same

another broken fix

in the shame game

nothing magic

about these tricks

just sustenance

without substance

ad nauseam

wearing the burden

of a feigned smile

for the sake of a sale

all the while

behind a veil

with her atrophied wings

tucked under her  tresses

avoiding intimacy

so none can sense

her forsaken status

halo long since faded

from these dissipated

and jaded ways

sleepless nights and days

coalesce incessantly

into insanity

and abasement

but somehow this time

something’s different

there is some magic

from the depths

of the tragic

surfaces some hope

she drops the rock

surrenders the dope


she unfurls

her wings and flies

from these new heights

can now realize

that who she’s been

is nowhere near as important

as who she’s become

now quite becoming

an angel again.


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