Yo Yo

With the punch-line getting in the way

fate tends to be a joke to the cynic

or a toy to be taken out on a rainy day

a yoyo trick where walk the dog

means opening the door

to let the mutt get gone

forgetting forever to snap

and if the dog does come back

hungry enough, just throw him a bone

as he scampers for the fetch

remove the string entirely

and tie it to the old oak tree

next to the yellow ribbon

as a joke for all to see

this life of devotion

can be a life of profanity

with even the least bit of emotion,

involved can come across as insanity

so in case you hadn’t heard

treacherous is the new fidelity

and love is a four letter word.


One response to “Yo Yo

  1. luv this must I can read so much into this and I have someone I’d luv to tie to a tree

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