Longing and yearning

your absence is burning

a hole in that part of my soul

reserved for the other than

that emotion that fans the flames

turning my brain to cinder.

I can hardly remember

how it was before you were here

and yet you’re not

you’re there

and where does that leave me.

At home, alone wondering if and when

we’ll ever be together, not again

but for the first time

face to face intertwined

to complete this sublime connection

that seems destined.

Serendipitous in nature

love sick may be a disease

with harmonious interaction

as the only cure

consumed for sure

but not distracted.

Focused beyond measure

alive with pleasure

energetically animated

maybe not Warner Brothers

but definitely Looney Toons.

The lucidly crucial in sanity

this synergistic situation

the combination of we

from the you and the me

to the culmination

of love’s intent.

I truly believe that we

were meant

to be



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