The Size of the Problem

I’m an absolute f#*-ing mess

but I’m not the worst or anywhere near the best

because today I realize it’s not a contest

and that as long as I’m making progress

and am capable of acknowledging this

I’m at least one step ahead

of a better percentage of the rest.


How many people say that they’re fine

and everyone knows that they’re lying

because the night before they were vacillating

between sniffing lines, sipping wine

and suckling on their nine

with their finger on the trigger

trying to figure which was bigger

the size of their problem this time

or the weight of the solution.


And the only thing swaying their resolution

was an overwhelming fear of retribution

from a divinity they doubted and questioned

with their only logical reasoning being

“What have you done for me lately?”

“Am I abandoned or do you just hate me?”


Living in doubt or living without

it’s time to just start living.

We’ll never be able to figure it all out

we just need to find something to believe in

and “do unto others” is a good place to start

to begin returning what’s been so freely given.


What goes around surely comes around

and Karma’s not some kind of bitch.

One of the things that I truly have found

is that inevitably you’re gonna have to scratch

if you keep inviting the itch.


You are how you live and you reap what you sow.

When you close your mind perspective is all you know.

You’re either slowly dying or learning how to grow.

You can’t expect to play catch if you’re not willing to throw.


The only way to gain momentum is to first get some traction.

If you don’t want to be left out you should jump right in to action.

The only way to ever find peace and get some satisfaction

is to come to accept that no problem is ever  bigger than the solution.


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