The Shoes We Choose

So many different kinds of shoes

various sizes styles colors and hues

always end up so damn confused

cause you never know just which pair to choose.

Don’t know what kind of statement to make

cause when it comes to feet so much is at stake.

Hate to lead anyone to biased misjudging

begrudgingly by a simple fashion mistake.

Laces can break and soles may wear thin

so much can be told by the style one wears

they tend to show others the state that you’re in

and what kind of interests you both might share.

If you’re always wearing running shoes

sooner or later you’re bound to run

around and around in those circles

on that track that you’ve found yourself on.

And it’s never any fun getting winded

always full circle back to the beginning

just when you think the race has finished

you realize that it’s never ending.

So instead you break out your boogie shoes

thinking that luck might appear if you dance

and you find yourself swaying back and forth to the blues

when you were hoping to waltz with romance.

I’ve never been much of a cat for scat

but those jazz men knew where the shoe was at

“shoe be doo be doobie do wop”

Simply stated this is that;

If you’re always waiting for the shoe to drop

my advice to you is to simply stop

taking it to the most precarious spot

and placing it all the way up on top

because in time it’s bound to be found

on the ground, where it initially belonged

the self fulfilling prophecy

always proving that you’re never wrong.

I highly recommend that every once in a while

whether or not they’re your size or style

you try to walk at least a mile

in another’s shoes to know their trial.

So I guess my point, the moral of the story

I choose barefoot and fancy free.

I’m on my way down to the beach right now

and you’re more than welcome to join me.


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