The Schisms of ism

As frustration transitions from impatience

to the outer fringes of rage

in an attempt to assuage

I fetch myself up sharply and just walk away.

I revert to the festering in self flagellation

my apparent pattern of circular rotation

But somehow this process is making a difference

I start to see glaring shifts in my inference.

My actions now matched

with a new found  awareness

I’m starting to acknowledge

The schisms in my ism-ness.

This glint from the flint advancing  my attitude

Is the much needed spark towards self discovery

by realizing my faults I’m ablaze in gratitude

and establish a wildfire within my recovery

as I strive laboriously toward mediocrity

I realize I’m sold short in my opinions of me

There is nothing in life

That is simply ordinary

And today, just ok

is more than ok

for WE


One response to “The Schisms of ism

  1. YOU are never mediocre….wonderfully made in His image. The man in the mirror is a good man. Believe me.

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