The Kingdom

This kingdom offers freedom

with you as queen in this We dom.

Enthralled on our thrones

by the potent potential

of a domestic flexibility.

Me for you and you for me

together bound for bigger things

aspirations on astral wings

in flight to heights

beyond any rational measure.


This treasure exposed

by way of disclosure

is an epiphany unforeseen

rising to the surface

of the stream between us

as lotus-like arduous efforts

exploring this mutual destiny

in an effort to escape mediocrity.


Here is where you’re meant to be

I can’t imagine your absence

I’m more lucid in your presence

as if an intoxicating absinthe

has obscured all my senses

making mental faculties more intense.

me to you and you to me sent

by way of divine providence.


So let us dance through this castle

with childlike abandon

surrendered to our passion

to live, love and laugh

in ways we’ve never known before

because this is only a dream

until we decide to make it more.


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