Sometimes Choppy Waters

It’s not all good

yet I want it all

to always be there to catch you

or at least to break your fall

I’ll let you stay in hiding

if and when you’re feeling small

won’t slice off a piece of “Eat Me”

cause the cake does nothing at all

bring tissues when you’re crying

but always let you cry

continuing to sit in it with you

long after the wells are dry

I want to be an example

of an affirmative masculinity

that’s been remiss for so long

unlike all those before me

exhibiting weak as well as strong

to reach in deeply

and caress those places

left neglected for decades

to sail the uncharted

waters of your soul

to weather the storms

toward a common goal

and catch the currents

when the winds won’t blow with passion

knowing  that together we’re heading

where the climate suits our fashion

no need for change

in these unconditional ways

where there are no constants

only the desire to stick and stay

as together we navigate

the continuum of days without dates

me as your captain

you as my first and only mate.


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