I came to your camp out with a steel and flint

a small pile of kindling and the inkling

that you may be thinking this a bit old fashioned

but I figured that if I couldn’t get a fire started with this

I didn’t deserve the action

One thing I know is that those who show up

with flame throwers blazin

loudly and proudly proclaiming

that they’re really gonna to make it sizzle

well, they usually drop their napalm bomb

and then quickly start to fizzle

They come showing their ass

with a full cords worth of stash

burn through the whole damn thing

in half a flash leaving nothing behind

but a lifeless pile of ash

So, now in my behalf

with a couple of strikes and a few strokes

the sparks start to fly and a little bit of smoke

in short fashion, is followed by flames

and it doesn’t take too long

till you’re calling out my name

Now the fire really starts to burn

and as the flames rise into the sky

I can tell it’s getting way too hot

by the look that’s in your eyes.

Since what I want is a controlled burn

and not some kind of wild fire

I pull the log and set it aside

before it climbs any higher.

In the meanwhile as the flame subsides

you won’t be left neglected

I’ll keep you otherwise occupied

but that’s to be expected.

Now this is the point where other men

might get up and walk away

but I stare and stay and hold her

because I don’t just want to watch it burn

I want to experience the smolder.

The major flame’s extinguished now

but I really don’t want it to end here

this is the kind of camp fire

that I always want us to remember

so let’s keep it burning all through the night

as two after-glowing embers.


2 responses to “Smolder

  1. Nicely said! Great build-up! Left the reader waiting, waiting…and not disappointed. And how refreshing that you didn’t end with a “climax,” that being your point, and so the reader doesn’t feel spent afterward, but is ready for more…

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