Simply Giving

There’s no rhyme or reason

or any special season

that’s best for us to believe in

charity as an annual event.

What is meant by true giving

is not just simply living

through money mostly grossly

or so copiously spent.

Black Friday is by far

a day much darker by design

than Halloween or, in fact,

than any other of its’ kind.

They price chop the mark ups

thinking they’re deceiving us

making it much easier

for us to be more gluttonous

to a point where we’re smothered

in our own over-spending

for the ceaseless piles of presents.

It all stops making any sense

when we don’t know what we’re buying

or who we’re even buying for.

We just know we need more and more

and we’re off to the next store.

So it’s time we all start giving

or at least doing our part

so the world can start believing

in the charity of the heart.


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