Sick and Tired

We met at the bar like so many nights before

pounding pitchers and drinking whiskey sours

Still thirsty at last call and wanting much more

we hit a party till the wee morning hours


The candy was dandy to keep us drinking

but the liquor took over much quicker

It was time to get her home I was thinking

when she started to look a bit sicker


We stumbled upstairs and fell into bed

and I thought things would fall into place

That’s when she ran to the bathroom slamming the door

but returned with that look on her face


Then she tried and she tried to get a rise

but no matter how hard, she couldn’t

Her special trick, a brand new surprise

But respond, the damn thing, it wouldn’t


So I begged and I pleaded that she spend the night

and she agreed that she probably could

Because at this point I’d given up the fight

to win the battle with the morning would


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