Shoe Bee (do be do)

Another damn bee in my shoe?

Honey, haven’t you anything better to do

than buzz around bugging me

correcting, condemningly

critically contradicting me?

I’m sure there are plenty

of other queen-less drones

willing to sit listening to the

buzzing of your ceaseless moans

and begrudging groans

But me, I’m living for liberty

free from the hive

and all the contrived jive

you seem to spill so freely

unwarranted and unwanted

Your opinions so flagrantly flaunted

leave me hauntingly daunted

so gaunt from your trampling

with more than ample reason

to break free from this treason

Sting, stang , stung

the bell has rung

and now has begun

round 2

Can’t you see what you do

by bringing the noise

flapping your lippy wings

treating the workers like toys

instead of spreading the nectar?

By injecting your venom

you’ve increased my adrenaline

and released some needed endorphins

running and numb like never before

I’m finished with all of your opinions

Without your bitter stinger

your belittling life is all but through

and although your buzzing lingers

you’re still the bee

and I’m the one wearing the shoe.



2 responses to “Shoe Bee (do be do)

  1. This is PERFECT!

  2. Wow, this one really hit home for me. Stomp on that damn bug!!

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