Repeat Offenders

It was a gathering not a party and none were excited

They only showed up because they were officially invited

Some caught red handed others after the fact indicted

And though the man might be right they all felt slightly slighted


“I was in the wrong place at the wrong time”

“It wasn’t me. I swear they got the wrong guy”

“Must’ve been that rat snitch droppin another dime”

“They say I was too drunk, but hell, I was barely high”


On and on the glory stories of misconstrued guilt

As they all sound off their backward day count

Singing the blues bout all the milk they’d spilt

Each one beefing up the quality and the amount


You’ve gotta understand a man’s gotta be a man

This place is an all around dog eat dog pound

Everyone’s too busy pawing to reach out a hand

And an ear to hear real troubles can’t be found


But still nothing changes if nothing changes

When the cycle inside makes the point moot

Forced to face the fleas and deal with mange

They’re bound to be found again in an orange jumpsuit


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