Only Human

With the projection of perfection

as the prime objective

the resulting perception

can be nothing but subjective.

Somewhere a young boy

gave up crying completely

because he was screamed into believing

he must grow up much quicker

and not knowing now

how to handle his pain

he spends his life stifled with liquor.

A young beauty remains cloistered

somewhere behind closed doors

with her self- image

all crippled and twisted.

Not tall, smart, thin

or pretty enough for love.

Why can’t you be more like your sister.

A man with a handicap

sits alone in his room

hollow and swallowed by fear

his potential and dreams discarded

because as a child on the playground

he was reminded by his peers

one too many times, he’s retarded.

The sun always shines

but WE cast the clouds

that rain all the doom and the gloom in.

So let’s stay reminded

before opening our mouths

that WE…are all…

only human.


3 responses to “Only Human

  1. Beautiful and poignant.

  2. Societal truth laid bare will brilliant imagery. I was blessed to be reared by people who knew, and taught, that perfection is not humanly possible and to de one’s best is the most a person can do. (sidebar: I still made all the wrong choices for a quarter-century)

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