New Skin

Rubbing against rough edges

trying the shed my past.

To lose this second skin I’m in,

can’t happen fast enough.


To cast off these defaults

that for so long

served as a retaining wall

to prevent the elements from eroding

this thin veneer I wear

for the sake of emoting

and to keep the rest of the world

at arms’ length.


And now that I want the strength

to pull the world within reach

I beseech the powers that be,

to rid me of these defects of character,

these deceptively designed precepts

that are needed no longer.


Because after all has been said and done

I’m not the only one who suffers

from these buffers

I’ve built around myself.


I put them up on the shelf

only to take them down again and again.

Like an old friend that prevents me

from making new ones.


Slowly becoming a loner

I no longer want to be lonely

and as I pull you closer

I find I’m not the only

and that we’re in this together.


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