Lost in the Mist

As words are an exact science

I tend to put too much reliance

On others’ abilities to see inside of my mind.

Sometimes I force in my course of action

to create, form, or fashion

the intentions I’m trying to imbue

only to come across as misconstrued.

Constructing images requiring research

I place the responsibility in others’ hands

and am left wondering why they misunderstand

the significance of the hidden gist.

The rabbit from the hat means to an end

engendered to bend reality only tends

to cause too many to miscomprehend

what was truly intended.

My ability to mistakenly breed

inadvertent feelings

makes me believe in my need

for an immediate linguistic neutering .

Only then, after the sutures’ healing

when the words in my head stop reeling

and fall into their proper meanings instead

will I hopefully cease being so misread.


3 responses to “Lost in the Mist

  1. Haha, I like this Scott. Flexing your linguistic muscles can throw people, thats why I say to myself, “Keep it simple stupid”.

  2. I identify in total. With poetry I no longer even think about what others will percieve me as saying. usually one out of twenty will even come close. In general conversation I find myself explaining what I already said in the simplest terms possible. I have come to teh conclusion that people never hear what is said, they hear what they want to hear. So, in response, I say what I want to say. there are only a few close friends with whom I will work to get a clear understanding.

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