Having undergone the arduous task

of untangling the mass of knots from the past

and free at last from their blinding bind

now in time with new tying skills worth trying.

A knot new direction a collective directive

introspective results creating new perspective

untwisted and sifted through what was salvageable

a bit less unstable now slightly more manageable.

Still able to manage our fumbling fingers

grabbing what lingers after clearing the clutter

and  asking the questions that really do matter

while finding the answers to prior not latter.

Intent in the present grasping the heart strings

apprehensive a bit of these unique beginnings

experiencing the twinges of recent memories

stemming from lessons well learned it seems.

We take up the effortless task at hand

and at last we find that we understand

the rabbit runs round the tree down through the hole

and it looks like we’ve found a knot that should hold.


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