Dance With Me

Come take my hands

and let us dance

to the rhythms

of our single heart.

Forever together

never apart

no matter where we are.


The mellow tempos

swell to crescendos

and keep us traipsing

through the cosmos

as we skip and we twirl

and I dip you to the world

laid out before us.


A  harmonizing chorus

sings of a love sublime

which exists well beyond

the parameters of time

its’ sole purpose by design

to complement the couplet

of our souls’ subtle rhyme.


Enraptured by the music

and captured by our muses

who play the simple rhapsody

of Love’s sanguine serendipity

as an everlasting symphony

of what was truly meant to be.


Forever and always WE…

leaving nothing to chance

continue to dance this dance

cheek to cheek and heart to heart

hand in loving hand.



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