Daddy’s Little Boy

The most precious gift

I’ve ever received

was well beyond

what I could have believed


as any one thing

that could have such merit

and now from my being

I can’t help but share it.


Your life has made mine

much more worth living

replaced self centered seizing

with unconditional giving.


I can only hope to one day

show you your worth

and how it’s matured

since the day of your birth.


You’ve changed my inner child

to a full grown man

and I hope to reciprocate

the best that I can.


You’re still at an age

where you love me as dad

and I’ll cherish these moments

as long as I can.


But I understand

it won’t always be cool

to hold my hand

or have me drive you to school


or take my advice

cause you’ll have your own

and before I blink twice

you’ll be gone and grown.


But you’ll always remain

as my heart of life’s joy

and you’ll always retain

the name “daddy’s little boy.”



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