Thank you for your soul sacrifice

Without thinking twice

you gave up your life

day and night

for the sake of family.


And by way of this

you taught to me

love unconditional

parenting unconventional

and traditional.


How to hit a ball

stand up tall

and through it all

I was always your boy.


You taught me to revel in joy

and persevere in strife

to endure the hardships

and to truly enjoy life.


You showed me patience

beyond my just desserts.

You shared in my victories

my losses and cured my hurts.


Now as a grown up

and especially as a kid

you always believed in me

even when no one else did.


You taught me that life

was not a long race

but instead was a journey

and left me to my pace.


I’ve stumbled on my journey

thanks to you I wound up grown

cause you always picked me up

now I’ve got a son to call my own.


All your lessons coalesce

as the gift of fatherhood.

To return this gift I’ll do my best

to show you I understood.


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