Condemned Attic

The house willed, parents long since passed.

In younger days the attic was the super lair

where the hero took his deserved repose

after defeating all kinds of malevolent foes.

But death was his most formidable adversary

a kryptonite crippling our protagonist

and when fight turned to flight from adversity

this plight gave rise to the antagonist.

The villain Houdini an expert escapist

wasted away his humble abode

to such a loathsome state of disorder

the bank had no choice but foreclose.

Vacant of true life, it sat on its lot

established a reputation as a squat

the lair of the heir began to rot

in its despondency and stagnation.

The once secure majestic attic

now littered with remnants of despair

stained mattresses, candles, spoons,

empty bottles, and balloons everywhere.

Some ravenously stripped of all of their contents

some with consensual ten dollar deposits

but is consent truly an issue in this

lifestyle of degraded oppression?

Houdini for now reigns supreme in the attic

while the hero in shackles alone in abasement

suddenly reawakens his true heart of a poet


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