Tell Me

Tell me how you like it

Please tease me

with gentle touches

as my finger brushes

wispy tresses

from your forehead

and paints its traces

slowly traipsing

down your face

tickling down the nape

of your tender neck

to the sinewy tendon


your head back

creating  a track

following your collar bone

perfection in its angles

erogenous in its tone

carrying my tingling fingers

over your bold shoulder.

Pulling you closer

as our faces approach

you feeling my breath

and sensing my aroma

within this pheromone

olfactory bliss

barely beginnings

of a gentle kiss

cheek to cheek

and glancing lips

dancing tongues

tip to tip

nose to nose

sharing the same air

eyes to eyes

lost in my stare

do I dare…. Yes!

Slow progress

towards your supple breasts

with subtle circles

and a gentle caress

the closer the target

the harder it gets

the smaller the bulls eye

the shorter your breath

and next…a single finger

rides the ridges of your ribs

and lingers

tickling around your navel

sensing the tensing

and twitching of abdominals

responding to the descent

the effort is nominal

but the effect is madescent.

Then over your hip

to the small of your back

I pull you closer

and you react

with slow gyrations

matched in measure

feeling the warmth

rise from your pleasure

and finding myself

engulfed in this endeavor

I completely lose

my sense of direction

though totally focused

on my sole intention

I’m utterly vexed

What comes next?

Please…tell me how you like it.


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