Stocking Stuffers

Dasher, Dancer,

Prancer and Vixen

were working the champagne room

in the joint down on Nixon.


When in walked a john

with his junk in a stocking

and all 4 of these girls

started pointed and mocking.


Now Dasher was first

to squeal with delight

“2 lumps of coal

on this Christmas night.”


Then Dancer was next

to state with a laugh

“Looks like your candy cane

is broken in half.”


And Prancer joined in

with her point clear enough

“That little stocking

ain’t even half stuffed.”


Now right at this point

the john started to rise

and a look of amazement

came into Vixen’s eyes.


Then all the girl’s jaws

dropped to the floor

as his Christmas spirit

grew more and more.


Then the john pointed

one by one at the three

Ho, Ho and Ho

Vixen, you come with me.


Vixen followed the john

with a look of delight

Merry Christmas to all

and to all a good night.





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