Off Into the Darkness

The blood hounds sat

and howled at the back door

unlike anything

ever heard before

and what’s more

there was a blood trail

off into the forest of ether

traps set with intent

to capture and subdue

the lost and limping

unknowing and crippled

oblivious to their plight

unable to fight

with flight the only

apparent option

lost and wandering

yet never stopping

filling the void

with further emptiness

compounding the escape

off into the darkness

with this inexplicably

dastardly distraction

the questionable attraction

however appealing

continues stealing

sight and mind

blind to the previous freedoms

existence expunged

to the state of warm form

and what is now the norm

is seen as unacceptable

since the standards

can be lowered no further

and death or salvation

the only viable conclusions.


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