Direction Corrected

I’ve tended to end up lost in me

seeing things conceptually

in their worse case scenarios.


Trying to find hidden meanings

and slanting towers into leanings

by insinuating innuendos.


In part my heart’s known what’s real

but my mind’s controlled how I feel

and it’s had a mind of its own.


Years of fearful affirmation

acclimating consternation

as the harvest of seeds once sown.


As pessimism lessens its grip on me

my thoughts can flow more freely

in a properly positive direction.


At last my past’s patterns start to fade

replaced in part by new choices made

but mostly by Divine selection


2 responses to “Direction Corrected

  1. This is by far one the deepest and well executed works you’ve written as far as I’m concerned. The honesty is simply complimentary to your skills as a accomplished poet…

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