Beyond the Valley

He was born in a forest in a valley

surrounded all around by trees

and when he was old enough to wander

these trees were all he’d ever see.


One day while wandering a path

that he’d been on again and again

through a little hole in the canopy

he caught sight of a majestic mountain.


Every day from there on after

as he walked he peered up to the peak

and made himself a solemn promise

that one day up that face he would sneak


in hopes to see beyond this valley

which was home as long as he’d  known

and was beginning to be his whole world

as he was quickly becoming full grown.


One day while wandering this path again

looking skyward to see what could be seen

when he meandered off the path a bit

and fell down into a deep ravine.


Once he came to and saw where he was

he clawed and yelled with all of his might

and hoped beyond hope to get some aid

but no help came as day turned to night.


And morning after morning was the cycle

with no way of escape to be found

so he started to decorate his rut

with leaves and flowers lying around.


He managed to forage mushrooms and berries

that were growing throughout the ravine

and quenched his thirst with the water

that was flowing from a natural spring.


Now this gulch had become his whole world

and a great deal of time disappeared

lonely and gaunt all hope seemed to fade

as he approached the end of his years.


Then one fateful day came a terrible storm

and a lightning strike toppled a tree

that fell from above dangling into the gorge

which the man climbed up finally free.


Back in the valley his previous home

he knew that his end was drawing near

so he headed straight for the mountain

to conquer his crippling fear.


Finally alive as he started to climb

and as he got high enough to see

he dropped down dead right there on the spot

and that’s where he’ll always be.




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