Silent Scream

The light took repose overexposed to the strain

with nothing retained in this realm from casting shadows.

So slowly the dark took up residence within the pain

and gained prominence as poetry surrendered to prose.

Up rose the tumultuous dissatisfaction in uttered recurrence.


Not having heeded the maternal recommendation

THAT look did stick and melancholy gained permanence.

The time on the fence ended in faded sublimation.


An ethereal existence spent grasping at language

in absolute despair that this, the last bastion of salvation,

may be the necromancer’s single elixir to assuage

the lingering hint of hope which held him in his vexation.


2 responses to “Silent Scream

  1. Lovely, enjoyed reading!

  2. Lovely read. I like the way it makes you breath quietly while reading, because the truth in it is almost haunting but delicate.
    Thank you, Scott, for sharing your wonders.
    Much Love.

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