Sparks fly

Flashing red

Quickened pace

Veins distended

Coursing protruding

No end in

Blinded sight

Fight not flight

Not responding

Instead reacting

Diplomacy lacking

The fact is that all tact

Flies out the window

Wings given freely

To grounded obscenity

Increasing in intensity

Rage trembles

Fists clench

Heat rises

Blood boils

Thirst goes unquenched

As parched lips

Continue spitting venom

From a forked tongue

And on and on

Ad infinitum

To no avail

And no conclusion

The wrong solution

Every time

My ravaged mind

Takes the stage

Irrational rage

Rules the roost

This time in truth

Realize opening eyes

A clearing head

Prevailed instead

Against the grain

Nothing was said

And I walk away

A better man

Or at least a bit different.


One response to “Red

  1. Love the f low, great ink Scott!

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