Phantom Heat

Words ablaze consume the page

and spark a fire alighting the ways

you heat up my nights and brighten my days

with nothing but words and the smile on your face.


Your touch comes slow though sporadic through time

And has left remnants of ash scattered on my mind

impressions left scorched below the surface of my skin

with ghostly twinges and my nerve endings singed.


The taste of your kiss lingers long on my lips

feel the heat of your breath as an ethereal mist

spectral batting of lashes tickles my chest

braising the hair on the back of my neck.


The warmth of your presence and damp of your depth

eagerly received the extent of my  breadth

and has left me yearning and burning for more

of the same fevered friction that we shared once before.


But until we coalesce my heart remains warm

And the flame is kept safe from the face of the storm

Lost in your eyes unaware of the wall

Knowing faith in our fire keeps us safe from it all.




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