One Nation Overmedicated

Right outta the gate

things weren’t quite right

they were always

just a bit shy of fitting in

and no matter how hard

they’d try to begin

the solution in the end

was just slightly outta sight

square pegs in the round hole

they’ve got nowhere else to go

what the hell might as well

grab a hammer and start swingin

sooner or later they’re bound to fit in

sickeningly too quickly

rolled into little round balls

and wrapped in plastic wrappers

with a label prominently slapped

on aesthetically pleasing packaging

with the outward gist for all to see

so they all can clearly be

categorized much more easily

and kept in their proper places

according to these parameters

not that it really much matters to most

cause there are certainly those

who without a proper diagnosis

are willing to label it all psychosis

who are we to question

all the high paid higher ups

media endorsed muckity mucks

highly educated string pullers

and executive shot callers

with their lashing whips and shock collars

slinging meds and numbing heads

in a neighborhood near you

and what is left to do

when little Johnny can’t pay attention

but to exorbitantly dole out

insurance reimbursed medication

rather than offer up a solution

and allow the mental pollution

to burn off with the morning smog

hyper active isn’t too attractive

here’s some amphetamines

instead of meditation techniques

all you freaks just need to fall in place

with that far off look on your face

that makes the masses feel safe

and that they’ve covered their bases

but in the end the only ones who’ve won

are the pharmaceutical companies

and they’re now the only ones

allowed to laugh maniacally

as they all make their way

to the bank.’


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