No More Waiting

At the station

he waited patiently

for the love of his life,

the woman who one day

he hoped would be his wife.



held him captive

shortening his breath

as the butterflies frenzied

heart beating out of his chest.


This fascination

based on promises

of a passion and lust

a lifelong entanglement

founded solely within trust.


His imagination

created scenarios

about this rendezvous

and in his heart of hearts

he hoped that they’d come true.



became distracted

in awareness of her absence

cold loneliness slowly replaced

the heat of love once felt so intense.


In frustration

he accepted this defeat

muttering under his breath

That’s the last 100 dollars sent

to a woman just met on the internet.




5 responses to “No More Waiting

  1. sad..
    well done expressions…

    invite you to join poets rally week 40…
    simply visit me for details…all submissions are to be represented by the end of the week.
    Happy Writing.
    Looking forward to seeing you share your talent with us.
    You rock.

  2. Hilarious last stanza after what felt like a life-long romance in the making.

  3. Ha! a well written tale , I loved the twist at the end!

  4. Oh my. What a spin. I’m sure it’s happened. Well done …

    Happy Rally days …

  5. cyberlove is a treacherous game. i always vote against it. who can tell if the other person is saying “one single truth”!

    i have met all types of people in internet, so cyberlove is equivalent to putting your head in lion’s mouth- after all circus lions dont chew up the pretty girls. do they?

    visiting you from Thursday Rally for poets held at Jingle’s blog, Happy Rally!!


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