Merry Go Round

So much time spent in over-indulgence

Sitting on the other side of the fence

looking back at all the wasted dollars

and absurdly compromised sense.

Survival instincts sharpened

while acumen was dulled

by the counter-rotation of the grindstone.

Nose worn thin to spite my face

and to try to keep pace

with this self destructive merry go round.

Knocking in vain at the gates of hell.

Circling the drain on the brink of death.

Shallow breath coming in gasps as I fight

and while backing away from the darkness

accidentally stumble over the light.

Looking up through perpetual night

to realize there is a day in today.

Though yesterdays fade, phantoms linger

pointing gaunt fingers and laying blame,

hoping for a rematch in the shame game.

Tomorrow clings tightly

to the previous comfort ability

looking beyond the potential stability of change;

the brain’s ability to rearrange

synaptic mis-firings advantageously

by creating new patterns, habits and rituals.

So, standing on firm ground and turning over the reigns

to new found bearings towards the spiritual;

which instead of always taking, suggests selfless giving

and creates forward momentum for the individual

in this new life worth living



3 responses to “Merry Go Round

  1. Lots of nice word play, and I like how you’ve made every day errors seem so tragic.. Good job


    Wow, I a’m right here….. it sucks, the poetry is wonderful!

  3. Great imagery, great word choice a nice spiraling rhythm. It’s good; what more can I say? Oh, yeah, love the internal rhymes.

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