Lonely Bones

The frown of the clown

inevitably started to fade

succumbing to the smile

riled by the incentive made

by the benevolent queen

of a love everlasting.

Hunger for others

withered to fasting

as the table laden feast

humbly offered by the queen

sated the only appetite

existing in the kingdom.

Then one day the queen left

while the time came and went

this feast was eaten in solitude

and during the time spent

any words dared to be shared

echoed through the empty halls

fading off unheard

for the queen was off

in foreign kingdoms

as was customary

acting as ambassador

to adversarial dignitaries.

So the feast cooled and staled

his appetite weakened and failed

and death came proudly marching

slowly through the open gates

of the barren kingdom

to deliver its dutiful fate.

Still to this day those lonely bones

sit gathering dust on the throne

unmarried and unburied

donning the groundless crown

the skull wearing the very same frown

and from the socket to the jowl

is carved a deep running chasm

from the river of shed tears

that continued for many years

long after his passing.


One response to “Lonely Bones

  1. Dayum. :**( That made me sad.

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