She’d been through many better days.

You’ve seen her in a hundred different places,

the same life, a hundred different ways.

A highway diner, behind the counter

hair pulled back, chewing gum with a bit of a snap.

Quick with a menu, a wink, and a jaded smile

followed by “What can I do for ya, Honey?”


She’d been a small town high school cutie

too quickly grown to a polluted somber beauty

drowning in the melancholy life had dealt her

as the result of her poor choices. Wasting her days

always reaching for dreams which seemed to slip away

through her calloused fingers for the lack of grasp

afforded her by all the slime she dealt with daily

and their promises of return visits and casting calls

if they could only get her digits and meet to “talk”

after the last table left and her shift finally ended.

“Finish your drink. I’ll be with you in a quick minute, Honey.”


Too many nights, spent surrendering her sensibilities

for sweat soaked sheets and whiskey drenched breath

without any flowers or even the courtesy of good bye.

All these guys came and left just as quickly,

passing through town traveling around on their sales route

or a long distance cross country delivery in their big rig.

Word gets around at the truck stops or on the airwaves

and the bathroom stalls scribbled with, “for a good time call…”

On and on the turnstile turns and she never learns

and none are any wiser but they all know where to find her.

The days keep getting longer and her life is getting shorter

and before she even knows it, again it’s starting over

as it slips from Pavlovian lips, “What can I do for ya, Honey?”


There was a day a Ray of hope shone not too long ago.

Ray was a lonely man who sold vacuum cleaners door to door

and didn’t do too bad for himself. A strong enough ego

and a dangerous enough charisma to seal the deal often.

He’d roll into town and take a load off in the diner

making eyes and flirting with his very favorite waitress

never once asking for as much as a solitary kiss

because he was falling and kept calling with pure intentions.

But one day as fate would have it, as fate often has its way,

in his favorite booth, ring in pocket and something he had to say

he accidentally overheard an unfavorable conversation.

He stood before she brought dessert and quickly left her money.

He walked away, never to return, because she called everybody honey.


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