This is the gift I’ve given


it beats with humility

its gentle rhythms in time

with yours, synchronized

as well as our destiny

sees fit for it to be.


Sometimes the tempo slows

indiscernibly mellow

but know this, melodiously

it is ceaselessly beating

for life, love and you alone

it’s found its home

a counterpart preordained

though miles and miles away

it is, all the same, betrothed.


Proximity enhances the pace

for the drum of us both

to staccato palpitations

yet serenity resides

in the face of pandemonium

and the discord is harmonized

as a function of its consortium.


Listen to the rhythms

and as you find yourself in them

you will feel that they are real

and know that this is home.


2 responses to “Home

  1. Beautiful: )

  2. Really beautiful poem and very well written, you have a very graceful style to your writing

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