Here On Earth

These choices were made

in voluntary circumstances,

for the sun rose without prior bias

until its first light cast,

captured a visage undeniable

in its aesthetic perfection.


Spherically exquisite

with indiscernible features,

always just out of reach

and consistently interrupted

by an intermediately

transient satellite.


In this new found direction

with gravity distracted

and rotation altered,

axis  integrity is

questionably compromised

with serendipitous results.


Unhindered by pride

in the rhythm

of the subsequent rise

and inevitable

fall of the tides,

as a direct result

of the orb between the two,

these seas ceaselessly continue

to gently kiss the shores

they’ve sworn to defend

forever more.


And it seems that by no small chance

their energies were enhanced

by a single simple glance.



2 responses to “Here On Earth

  1. elizabeth guida

    beautiful written that symbolizes so much for me… depending on how I choose to see it, i.e. today it’s all about keeping my sobriety….amazing piece that means so much! Interpretation could be entirely different depending n my mood…amazing……

  2. That is aesthetic perfection… beautiful!

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