Every now and again it seems

that something came along while I was asleep

and completely scratched off all of the sheen

of what was previously reflected back at me.


This lusterless image in its dull existence

was so different before I took my rest;

so full of hope, joy and exuberance

having trust, faith and a sense of purpose.


On days such as these, the looming abyss

with its jagged lifeless insurmountable cliffs

of how, why and what brought me to this

has me looking up. trembling and clenching my fists.


Why is there no sunlight cast into this chasm?

Where do the ominous shadows come from?

What gives them the power to drain my essence?

How have I fallen so far from my kingdom?


Carrying the burden of yesterdays doubts

and continually questioning what it’s all about

relentlessly blinds me and weighs me down

diminishing any hopes of ever climbing out.


Suddenly a whisper catches my attention

I turn around looking in every direction.

Nothing found, this voice resounds from the gloom

gaining momentum from its echoing repetition.


Believe…believe in the light of the dawn….

Believe…believe that you are the one….

Believe…believe that you can never go wrong….

if you believe…believe that you’re never ever alone….

So I Did



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