Average Comfortability

Life’s enhanced when we are giving

instead of wanting.

It’s more important to get it

than to get gotten.

It’s in the act of forgiving

that we are forgiven.

Most things are better remembered

than forgotten.


All it really takes to be a part of

is to flip a single script of just one word.

Valleys from the mountains,

one letter upside down and

Me turns into We

and we are found.


Comparing similarities

instead of accentuating disparities

finding common ground

and accepting our average.

In the middle of the mean,

not high or low just in between,

on the level

is where we find our leverage.


Just the same as, not exalted

not accepting blame or being faulted

but exactly where we’re supposed to be.

Finding our place of comfort in

the skin that we’ve been given

and knowing that when alone

we’re in good company.


So from our doubt we discover faith,

we provide love to replace the hate

and offer up some peace in the face of war.

Substitute joy for sadness;

cast some light into the darkness

so all can see what life is truly for.


One response to “Average Comfortability

  1. Love this very much Scott<3

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