Wandering off the Block

I feel disconnected from the intent of the content

Unprotected and not sure what I meant or how to say it

Slightly infected, I feel spent like my muse up and went

And left me bereft of connection in my lack of direction

With a wandering intention, and again I’m off track

It’s coming back to me now, the train that left the station

No longer stationary, on the contrary rather arbitrary

And tangential, subsequently sequential in a random order

Crossing back and forth over the border between

Insanity and genius with leanings toward the latter

Though who could decipher through all this hyper banter

And type of clatter at a gallop rather than a canter

Concerning the how and why and does it really matter

That I need to try harder to find my peace of mind

Or that piece that kind of went to the wayside

A while ago before I decided I’d try to write and realized

That my mind was at least slightly compromised.

Maybe tomorrow.


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