The Sun It Will Shine

To walk, your hand in mine, through kingdom gates

And sail without travail o’er thresholds old

This bold interpretation of our fate

The stars, of this outcome, had long foretold.

These thrones were warmed throughout the golden age

These crowns adorned the heads of royalty

This love has been defined across the page

As unconditional in loyalty.

Though former days our lives were cold and long

Our castle halls now fill with laughter warm

We’ve waited years to waltz to our love song

With happy ever after as our norm

Now found, true love we’d never known before

The sun will shine on us forever more


One response to “The Sun It Will Shine

  1. your words the flow to the heart of me
    where my hand clasps yours
    at the edge of the sea

    silent in soliloquy
    counting the hours
    til’ eyes can see

    without your touch i cannot breathe
    heart always scours
    for the love made by WE…

    love this darling … love your words … love your drive and perseverance

    you are brilliance manifested and i’m so very lucky to witness your luminescence.

    i love you.

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