as babble in flow
the rhythm carries downstream
Christmas 2010 077


her watery eyes
find temporary relief
as April’s tears fall


dark only exists imagesle
in the absence of the light
shining eternal



photo credit: photoblog.nbcnews.com


dawn’s outstretched fingers sunset_rays_web_900x675
rip through the sky’s thin veneer
revealing promise





glowing golden orbuntitled

rolls over the horizon

leveling the dark


The Light

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The Light Drink deep of the very real ethereal omniscient presence imbibed in our lives. Dispel the darkness,… for the shadows only exist in the manifestation of The Light. Remove the material which bends the brilliance of truth. Make the … Continue reading

The Run

Poised stretched and ready

The gun sounds as the dam breaks

Mighty river flows


Counting breaths for pace

One foot follows another

Miles accumulate


Every step I take

Creates a new horizon

Of great potential


Slow trickles of sweat

Erode yesterday’s tension

Lost in this moment


Running through the pain

Training forged  tenacity

To conquer myself


Regardless of fear

I believe therefore I can

And will persevere


One more finish line

Brings me closer to new goals

Not yet realized



In Passing

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Lost love lingers as spectral vapors  drifting in opposite directions. Impressions left dissipate as memories evaporate in the light of brighter days. Ego whispers of immortality, yet reality inevitably blurs into another nameless headstone silhouetted on a hazy horizon.